PCLI Historic Studies – Press Club of Long Island

PCLI Historic Studies

The Press Club of Long Island formed its historic studies committee in 2015. The purpose of the committee is to help honor the history of journalism on Long Island.

PCLI has historic marker placed in Village of Hempstead for Newsday

The Press Club of Long Island initiated a project that saw a historic marker placed in the Village of Hempstead that recognized the spot where Newsday was first printed in 1940.

During a ceremony on April 14, members of local government, Newsday officials and Press Club board members met to commemorate the unveiling of the historic sign.

PCLI has historic marker placed in Village of Huntington for The Long-Islander

The Press Club of Long Island had its second historic marker placed in Huntington to commemorate the spot where Walt Whitman first published The Long-Islander in 1838.

A ceremony was held on May 31 with local government officials, members of the current Long-Islander staff, and Press Club board members.

PCLI places historic marker at estate of William Cullen Bryant, longtime editor of New York Evening Post

The waterfront Roslyn Harbor home of Bryant (1794-1878) was a magnet for artists and writers who traveled there in the mid-1800s to consult with Bryant, a well-known poet, editor, writer and critic.

The new marker celebrates Bryant’s role as editor of The New York Evening Post from 1829 to 1878. As editor, Bryant pushed for the abolition of slavery, champions American art libraries and parks and supported Abraham Lincoln and the Union cause during the Civil War.

A ceremony was held at Cedarmere the name of the estate, on April 22, 2017.

PCLI honors site of first newspaper in Long Island history with historic marker on Main Street in Sag Harbor

In partnership with the Sag Harbor Historical Society, the Press Club honored the location where David Frothingham published Frothingham’s Long Island Herald on May 10, 1791.

This is the first newspaper in Long Island history.

A ceremony was held in Sag Harbor on June 6, 2018.

Site of first radio broadcast in Long Island history honored by PCLI

WGBB 1240 AM, founded by Harry Carman, is the home of the first commercial radio broadcast in Long Island history dating back to 1924. The location in Freeport, N.Y. was honored by the PCLI in conjunction with the Village of Freeport.