Region 1 Conference

Planning waaay ahead for 2012 SPJ Conference

In what may be a record for advanced planning by an SPJ chapter, the Press Club of Long Island has set the date for the 2012 Region 1 Spring Conference.

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Spring Conference 2010: Surviving the Storm

Co-hosted by The Deadline Club and the the Connecticut and New Jersey professional SPJ chapters, the muyst attend event, themed Surviving the Storm: How to Weather the Tough Times in Journalism, will feature media recruiters, career guidance, professional development, resume critiques and much, much more!

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Leary: ‘Still a great future for newspapers’

With bad news about the media industry being spit out as fast as you can say “Tweet,” you might expect Michael Leary, managing editor of the bankrupt Philadelphia Inquirer, to have a pretty sullen view of the future of the news business.
Well, maybe a little. But let’s not throw in the towel just yet.