Press Club of Long Island Bylaws

Press Club of Long Island Bylaws


The Press Club of Long Island was founded on June 27, 1974.


The purpose of the organization is to:

  • Promote and recognize ethical journalism practices.
  • Encourage social and intellectual exchange among Long Island journalists.
  • Raise public awareness of the profession.
  • Promote the development of future journalists from the ranks of high school and college students.

We hereby establish these bylaws of the Press Club of Long Island, a chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, herein referred to as SPJ.

Article I


Section I. The name of this organization shall be The Press Club of Long Island, herein referred to as PCLI.

Article II


Section I. PCLI shall consist of SPJ members.

Article III

Board of Directors

Section I. The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of PCLI, responsible for PCLI’s bylaws, policy and managing club business and funds.

Section II. The Board shall consist of officers and other directors. The officers shall be the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and the immediate past president. The number of directors will be set by the Board, but must be an odd number. Each officer and director shall have one vote.

Section III. The Board shall meet a minimum of 10 times a year.

Section IV. A quorum of the Board is a simple majority. Votes cannot be conducted without a quorum.

Article IV

Nomination, Election and Installment of Directors and Officers

Section I. All officers shall be elected for one-year terms by an annual vote of the directors. All directors shall be elected for two-year terms by an annual vote of members with half the board seats up for election each year. The method of the election shall be determined by the board and shall be publicized to all members before the nomination period.

Section II. Nominations of candidates for director positions must be submitted in writing to the secretary beginning two months before the election in June. Nominations close two weeks before the election. The names of all nominees shall be publicized by PCLI at the close of the nomination period.

Section III.  Directors shall assume office at the first Board of Directors meeting following the election. Officers shall be elected by the directors at that meeting.

Article V

Officers’ Duties

Section I. The president shall:

  1. Chair all meetings of PCLI and of the board.
  2. Nominate replacements for officers and directors who resign. The nominees must be approved by a majority of the full board.
  3. Remove, with the approval of the board, officers or directors who are absent from five board meetings within 12 months or from three consecutive board meetings, or found to have engaged in what the board determines to be improper conduct.
  4. Establish committees and appoint chairpersons of such committees.
  5. Act as club spokesperson or designate a club spokesperson.

Section II. The vice president shall:

  1. Assume the responsibilities of PCLI president when the president is unable to do so.

Section III. The secretary shall:

  1. Record board meeting minutes.
  2. Be responsible for maintaining and updating PCLI membership roster.

Section IV. The treasurer shall:

  1. Be responsible for the proper accounting and expenditure of club funds.

Article VI

Bylaws Amendments

Section I. Amendments shall be proposed to the membership by the Board. Members can submit proposed amendments to the secretary until the end of the election nominations period. Approval requires a two-thirds vote of members.

Article VII


Section I. The Board will determine chapter dues.

Revised November 2020