Brinton: Journalism might be bruised, but it lives

PCLI Vice President Scott Brinton recently wrote a column for Herald Newspapers after he attended the SPJ Region 1 Conference in Philadelphia.

Of late I’ve heard so much at newspaper conferences about how we journalists do an awful job of defending our profession. For decades, politicians, egged on by corporate lobbyists, have screamed of liberal bias in a continual campaign to discredit the media. President Trump has inflamed an already inflammatory conversation by labeling journalists enemies of the people. Yet journalists have done little to respond. We simply take it, believing our work must speak for itself. We needn’t defend ourselves. We needn’t promote the profession.

The Philadelphia Inquirer building tells us otherwise.

So here goes: Journalism — particularly newspaper journalism — is the glue that binds our democracy together. The founders wrote press freedom into the Constitution’s First Amendment for a reason: They understood that the press, now the media, acts as a check against government power — that is, against tyranny.


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