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Journalists: Friends of democracy or enemies of the people?

In light of the recent ejection of two journalists from U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin’s re-election campaign kick-off rally and President Trump’s repeated statements calling journalists “enemies of the people,” the Press Club of Long Island will host a panel discussion on the status of journalists’ role in society and their increasingly hostile treatment by some politicians. […]

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Long Island newspapers say #Enough to President Trump

On Aug. 16, newspapers across the country published editorials in solidarity, asking President Trump to end his assault on the #FreePress. Journalists are friends of democracy, not enemies of the people. We serve a vital purpose — acting as a check against absolute government power. Mr. Trump is free, of course, to criticize the media. Most […]

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PCLI president interviews Parkland survivors at Stony Brook’s Greene Institute

As part of Herald Community Newspapers’ ongoing series, Safety and the Second, Press Club of Long Island President Scott Brinton, who is the Heralds’ executive editor, recently interviewed Taylor Yon and Zoe Gordon, two survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14. The two came to […]

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Press Club of Long Island opposes newsprint tariffs

Trade wars rarely, if ever, benefit consumers. Higher tariffs translate to higher production costs, which translate to higher prices for goods and services. Thanks to the onerous newsprint tariffs that the Trump administration has enacted and is proposing to enact, the price of producing newspapers has risen dramatically over the past year — and it […]

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Hofstra hosts Press Club-funded Summer Journalism Institute

Ten Long Island high school students from diverse racial, cultural and economic backgrounds recently took part in the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication’s 2018 Hofstra High School Summer Journalism Institute, writing biographical feature stories and museum reviews while learning about careers in the media from Hofstra professors and top journalists in the field. Momna Choudhry, left, […]

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