Press Club needs your help to maintain our Scholarship Fund

Dear Press Club of Long Island Member or Friend of Journalism,

I’m Scott Brinton, president of the Press Club of Long Island. For years, the Press Club has given scholarships to deserving high school and college students, hosted educational programs to encourage professional development among members and placed historical markers at the sites of the Island’s most important media outlets so they are remembered decades into the future. Now we need all of your help to maintain our important work.

Brinton_Headshot8_WebIn particular, we are asking for your assistance in ensuring that our scholarship fund is here for years to come. It now stands at $12,000. As we have traditionally given, at a minimum, a couple thousand dollars (sometimes more) in scholarships each year, that is a relatively small amount.

Here is where all of you come in: For years, PCLI has not charged local dues, as so many other Society of Professional Journalists chapters do. We will continue that policy. We are asking, however, that you consider donating the $15 in local dues that you would normally pay to our scholarship fund. If each member gave just that small amount as a tax-deductible donation, we would annually raise roughly $1,275, which would help sustain our fund well into the future.

We hope, though, that you might consider giving more, if you can. PCLI scholarships help young journalists in need reduce student loan debt while encouraging them to enter a profession that too many young people see as under attack. It is up to us to make sure that journalism is here for our next generation. So, please, all of us on the board ask that you give to PCLI’s scholarship fund.

Here’s a list of the scholarships that we have traditionally handed out:

COLLEGE JOURNALISM SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: Recognize outstanding college journalists who either attend a Long Island college or live on Long Island but attend college elsewhere.

LEARNING DISABILITY JOURNALISM SCHOLARSHIP: Eligibility is limited to college students or high school seniors in or entering a college journalism program having a learning disability as defined by the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

HANK LOGEMAN/NEWS 12 LONG ISLAND HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM AWARD: In memory of UPI reporter and Mineola pressroom veteran Hank Logeman, who was an influence on many journalists throughout the years. The award is designed to support and promote high school journalism on Long Island.

The Robert W. Greene-Press Club of Long Island Scholarship at Hofstra University.

Thank you for your kind attention.


                                                                             Scott A. Brinton
                                                                             PCLI President

P.S. You needn’t be a member to donate.

P.P.S. Send your checks, made out to “Press Club of Long Island Scholarship Fund,” to: Press Club of Long Island, Attn: Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 975, Melville, N.Y. 11747.

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