Press Club of Long Island needs you: a membership appeal


Jan. 20, 2019

Dear Friend,

The founders knew precisely what they were doing when they wrote press freedom into the Constitution’s very First Amendment. It is up to all of us to carry that torch forward.

I’m Scott Brinton, and I’m president of the Press Club of Long Island, one of the largest and most active chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists in the country. I wish you health and happiness in the New Year!

front-cover.jpgIf you are a SPJ/PCLI member, you should have recently received your 2019 PCLI Media Guide in the mail. If not, please email us at

If you are not a SPJ/PCLI member, I strongly urge you to consider joining. Since 1909, the Society of Professional Journalists has stood and fought for freedom of the press. Few times in American have history challenged our fundamental right to that freedom than now. Journalists are labeled these days as “enemies of the people” by our own president. They are regularly ridiculed and threatened at political rallies. And four journalists and a sales associate were shot and killed — not covering war in far-off lands — but sitting in the perceived safety of their own Annapolis, Md., newsroom in June last year.

The Society of Professional Journalists and the Press Club of Long Island stand ready to Brinton_Headshot8_Webdefend our honorable profession. Last August, PCLI held a poetry fundraiser at the Walt Whitman Birthplace in honor of the victims of the Capital Gazette massacre. Proceeds were donated to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

We quickly followed up with a panel discussion, asking the question, “Are journalists really enemies of the people?” The purpose behind this event, held at Newsday in September, was to challenge the president’s unkind portrayals of journalists and reassert our place as friends of democracy.

At the same time that we continue our traditional networking events and educational seminars in 2019 to help journalists advance their careers, we will also work to defend journalism, because, yes, #journalismmatters.

To join the Society of Professional Journalists, go to Your PCLI membership is included with your SPJ dues. Simply check off the PCLI box when signing up or renewing. And email us at to let us know you’ve joined.

If you are interested in joining a PCLI committee or the board, please email us at the above address. Defending our profession must be an all-hands-on-deck effort. Thank you for your kind attention.


                                                                        Scott A. Brinton
                                                                        PCLI President


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