A column celebrating the great Walt Whitman

Press Club President Scott Brinton recently published a column in Herald Community Newspapers celebrating his experiences organizing and taking part in PCLI’s first-ever poetry reading in August. Here goes:

Walt Whitman, I celebrate thee!

My stomach was churning furiously. The Press Club of Long Island’s first-ever poetry reading on Aug. 23 was to begin in a half-hour at the Huntington Station birthplace of the unparalleled poet and journalist Walt Whitman. Would anyone show? I wondered.


If they did, I’d have to read my poetry in public — for the first time since high school 33 years ago. Yikes!

Within minutes, the poets and journalist-poets started to arrive, until the room filled with 15 people — so, yes, I had to read.

For the entire column on liherald.com, click here.

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