PCLI Launches New Internship Support Program

The board of the Press Club of Long Island has approved the creation of a new program to facilitate internships for college and high school students.

PCLI will strive to match students with Long Island media outlets willing to take them on for either paid or non-paid internships. These could be during the summer, during breaks in the school year or other times during the school year.

For those internships without pay, PCLI could provide a small stipend for the students. For media outlets that pay interns, PCLI could augment what the media outlet can pay, but this will be a lower priority. The press club has set an annual budget of $1,000 for the internship program.

Media outlets interested in having PCLI match them with intern candidates should notify Bill Bleyer at billbleyer@gmail.com and specify the criteria for the internship. Students interested in being paired up with a media outlet should also contact Bill and specify their background in a resume or some other format, what they are looking for and their availability including having a driver’s license or other means of transportation.

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