Hofstra announces Robert W. Greene-PCLI scholarship winner

Medea Giordano

Medea Giordano

Medea Girordano is this year’s recipient of Hofstra University’s Robert W. Greene-Press Club of Long Island Scholarship. Here she talks a little about herself and how the scholarship – funded by PCLI primarily with other individual donors pitching in – has made a difference in her education and career plans:

I am a senior journalism major from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I chose Hofstra because of the reputation of the School of Communication, and while my journalism classes and professors have been amazing, I have had a hard road regarding the payments.
After taking out loans to pay for the first three years, I was denied any additional funds to pay for my senior year. It was incredibly nerve-racking trying to figure out what to do and I thought I would potentially have to leave school with only one year left. Fortunately, my parents would not let me do that and they took out a mortgage on their house in order to pay the bill. I know that they will do whatever they can to help my siblings and me, but it breaks my heart taking anything from them when they could use it themselves.
When I found out that I was selected for this scholarship, I was near tears. Every single penny helps.
I cannot remember a time when I was not interested in creative writing. As a kid, I had notebooks filled with short stories and while my classmates dreaded writing essays, I always loved it. When I learned what a journalist was, (after seeing the movie “Almost Famous”) I knew that was the path I needed to take. My family always comments on how amazing it is that I told them I was going to be a journalist when I was in elementary school and here I am, following through with that goal all these years later.
Before college, I pictured myself going into entertainment or lifestyle journalism and while that is still an interest, I am open to trying every aspect of the field to see where I fit, though the ultimate goal is to be editor-in-chief of a publication one day.
I also recently found a love of copyediting. As an intern at The Scranton Times-Tribune in 2014, my supervisor commented that I had a good eye for editing and that I should really consider going in that direction. Then at my second internship at Cottages and Gardens Publications, I realized that I was not only good at copyediting, but I actually very much enjoyed it. So this year, I applied to be on the copyediting staff for The Hofstra Chronicle and was selected. Next semester, I will be interning as a copyeditor at TheYoungFolks.com.
I also work during the semester as on campus safety representative (RSR) and during the summer and winter breaks, I have worked at Wendy’s as well as at a local bakery/café.
Being granted this scholarship has not only helped with some payments but it has reinforced my passion for journalism. I realize I am lucky to have been chosen for such an honorable award and I will only continue to work hard to improve my writing and editing skills.

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