PCLI Ethics Week Survey Results

The Press Club of Long Island released a survey to its members during SPJ Ethics Week.

Here’s a look at the findings:

  • 54 percent said they have made a serious error in a story
  • 71 percent said that business often trumps journalistic judgement in the newsroom
  • 50 percent said that during the writing process is when journalists wonder if they’re doing things right, followed by 25 percent who said it happens during the publication part of the process
  • 42 percent said that politicians challenge journalistic ethics the most, followed by 38 percent who said it’s advertisers and the sales staff
  • 57 percent said that a combination of people and items aid in their ethical decision making in journalism. The combination includes journalism school, trail and error, mentor/editor, and philosophical and religious beliefs.
  • 47 percent said that political stories most frequently raise ethical challenges for them


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