Ethics Week Capsule: Scott Brinton, Herald Community Newspapers

Scott Brinton

Scott Brinton

It’s Ethics Week and the Press Club of Long Island is honoring the week by hosting another digital capsule project on We’ll be posting commentary on our website from influential journalists about ethics throughout the week.

Scott Brinton is senior editor for enterprise reporting and staff development at Herald Community Newspapers, as well as an adjunct assistant professor of journalism at Hofstra University’s Herbert School of Communication. He is also a member of the Long Island Journalism Hall of Fame:

“Journalists across the country are now working their way through the Age of Digital Disruption. This new era has brought great opportunities. There are new ways to tell people’s stories. The walls between print, video and radio have broken down. That’s exciting. At the same time, digital disruption has also brought increased competition in an already hyper-competitive field. From an ethical standpoint, the temptation to take a leap of moral relativity in the name of beating out a competing news organization is great.

That is why we must continually remind ourselves that journalists are do-gooders. We must hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards. At its core, journalism is about truth-telling. The very first tenet of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics is “Seek Truth and Report It.” That is our central mission. If we stick to it, journalism as we know it will survive, no matter what form our reportage takes in the future.”

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About Ethics Week: Ethics Week 2015 is April 27-May 1, and the revised Code of Ethics gives SPJ a little something extra to celebrate this year. Ethics Week is a time to recognize journalists who seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and are accountable and transparent. Click here to learn more about SPJ Ethics Week.

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