Ethics Week Capsule: Andrew Seaman, SPJ’s Ethic’s Chair

Andrew SeamanIt’s Ethics Week and the Press Club of Long Island is honoring the week by hosting another digital capsule project on We’ll be posting commentary on our website from influential journalists about ethics throughout the week.

First up, Andrew Seaman, Chair of SPJ’s Ethics Committee:

“If people need to take one message away from the Society’s Code of Ethics, the message should be to ask themselves how to responsibly report each story they encounter. People are subjected to a lot of sloppy stories throughout their day, because journalists are in the mindset that speed trumps everything else – including accuracy. Sloppiness is where I often see unintended consequences pop up. For example, the laziness of Rolling Stone’s editorial system caused a substantial amount of harm to a fraternity, university and people who are victims of rape. Journalists should not be afraid to take a breath and evaluate what they’re about to do before they publish or broadcast information. Asking themselves, ‘am I being responsible with this information,’ may prevent some of those consequences.”

About Ethics Week: Ethics Week 2015 is April 27-May 1, and the revised Code of Ethics gives SPJ a little something extra to celebrate this year. Ethics Week is a time to recognize journalists who seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and are accountable and transparent. Click here to learn more about SPJ Ethics Week.

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