PCLI board adopts openness policy

After proposing an unsuccessful resolution at the SPJ national convention in Fort Lauderdale on financial openness, the Press Club of Long Island board has approved its own chapter policy, not only on financial openness, but openness in general.

The policy stems from the chapter board’s desire to be more inclusive with the PCLI membership and attract new members. It also reflects our belief that as a nonprofit organization of journalists who seek a variety of information from government, other non-profits and other organizations, SPJ and its chapters should be open in their actions.

The Long Island chapter board hopes that the policy adopted will become a starting point for discussion on a national policy being developed.

Here’s the policy:

  • The Press Club of Long Island board will post notice on the PCLI website of upcoming board meetings by the next business day after they are scheduled by the president or another officer in the president’s absence.
  • Members with issues for the board to address should contact the president or another officer in the president’s absence at least one business day before a meeting and the president or another officer in the president’s absence will add the issue to the agenda.
  • Board meetings are open to all PCLI members, who will be allowed to attend as observers but will be given the opportunity to address the board during the meeting where appropriate.
  • A summary of all votes/actions taken by the board during a meeting will be posted on the website within five business days of the meeting.
  • A summary of chapter finances is available for review by PCLI members by appointment.
  • The board will respond to media requests for information on PCLI activities or comments on media issues as quickly as possibly but always within two business days.
The Press Club will host its next board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 8. For more information, please contact PCLI President Dominick Miserandino at info@pcli.org.


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