PCLI panel offers practical and tech-savvy tips to stay organized

From a simple to-do list to more techno-savvy methods of organization via Google, two well-respected digital journalists spoke to a crowd of about 50 at a Press Club of Long Island lecture on time management Thursday on multiple facets of proper management skills to help journalists get by on a daily basis.

Tami Luhby, a senior writer covering the economy at CNNMoney.com and a former reporter on Newsday’s business desk, uses the to-do list as her go-to method.

A triathlon and marathon runner, she equated management to efficiency.

That’s what it’s all about, she said.

Among her many points of interest:

  • Creating a central list with the day’s pertinent information available in one spot
  • Utilizing your time by preparing the night before
  • Focusing and finishing individual tasks, instead of overloading on a bunch
  • Taking a break, rebooting and get reenergizing when possible

Jeremy Caplan, the director of education for the new Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism, and contributor for Time Magazine, took a more digital approach with his sound advice.

With handouts dispelling various useful websites to better utilize the cavalcade of digital media tidbits available these days, Caplan focused on Google as a strength in management.

Efficiency is about a vision and understanding where you’re heading, he said.

He offered 27 tips for organizing your digital life, many of which involve managing email, digital information and content.

With a mock call via Google Voice, Caplan captivated the audience as he spoke of Google’s recording capability and many hidden values.

Some of Caplan’s helpful websites include:

The event, moderated by Newsday business columnist Patricia Kitchen, was hosted at Newsday.

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