LI humor writer Jerry Zezima releases new book

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Yes, Jerry Zezima swiped that from Dickens, but Dickens is dead and he can’t sue. Besides, it perfectly describes the life of a baby boomer who also happens to be a husband and father.

In Leave It to Boomer, Jerry Zezima describes in hilarious detail his life in a household where he is surrounded by women (one wife, two daughters, various animals) and why, as a result, he is the very model of the modern middle-age man.

Leave It to Boomer is the first book by popular and widely published humorist Jerry Zezima, who sees the lighter side of life and expresses it in a way that readers, especially middle-age parents, can identify with.

Millions of baby boomers, women as well as men, can relate to Jerry Zezima. His unique brand of good-natured, self-deprecating humor makes people see themselves in funny situations and laugh at the absurdities of modern living.

An assistant editor at Newsday, Jerry Zezima writes a nationally syndicated humor column for his hometown paper, The Stamford Advocate in Connecticut.

He lives on Long Island with his wife, Sue. They have two daughters, Katie and Lauren. They also have had a multitude of pets. Zezima has no interesting hobbies, though he is often participates in the Press Club of Long Island’s Holiday Show.

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