2013-12-05 17.54.41The Press Club of Long Island sponsored an informational panel on internships at LIU Post on Thursday, December 5.

The panel included Newsday’s Maryanna Skinner and Carl Corry, News 12’s Margerita Kuyenov and Ann Berzweig and David Recih-Hale from Patch.com.

The talk gave students practical information on getting an internship and how to make the most of the experience.

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Topics included what employers look for, how to make resumes memorable, and what interns do at each speaker’s workplace.

The group also gave also hints on how to get ahead of the competition.

The almost two-dozen students who attended left with cards and handouts offering further information on internship opportunities.

Do not sit back and wait, Kuyenov said. There is always someone who is more qualified than you are.

LIU Post journalism major Stephanie Ruhle contributed to this story

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