Suffolk Police F.O.I.L. forms go online


The Suffolk County Police Department announced that Freedom of Information Law (F.O.I.L.) requests for police and motor vehicle crash reports can now be made online through the police department’s Web site,

The police department said the service will make the requesting process easier and cost effective. Previously, requests had to be made in person at police headquarters or requested through the mail.

Under the new system, requests will be automatically entered into an electronic tracking system, allowing police personnel to monitor the status of the request.

The department said many past requests contained incomplete information, which delayed application processing. The new system will require certain information to be entered.

FOIL submitters will receive automatic e-mail acknowledgement, and if a request is denied, an e-mail notification will be sent explaining why.

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23 Comments on "Suffolk Police F.O.I.L. forms go online"

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  1. joan diodato says:

    i need a copy of police report # 13-535981 cannot retrieve it please help

  2. marilyn says:

    Am unable to retrieve a copy of a police accident report from website.

  3. patrick says:

    im unable to get a police report please help me

  4. liz says:

    Am unable to retrieve a copy of a police accident report date was 12/31/2014 central complaint # 14-757097

  5. James Crosson says:

    I requested an accident report (foil request) on Dec 19, 2014 (central complaint # 14-736316). Please help me. Thank you.

  6. Srinivas Ganta says:

    I need an accident report on Jan 22, 2015
    (central complaint # 15 64341). Please help me to get the report. Thank you

  7. Carol Flaherty-Lynch says:

    It is impossible to retrieve a copy of the police accident report on your website. The complaint # is: 15-7309 The date of accident was 1/27/15….I have been trying since the accident occurred. Very frustrating!

  8. Rona says:

    Your website for requesting a copy of an accident report is not letting me submit to you the filled-out form. Each time I try, I get the following response:”object reference not set to an instance of an object.” What does that mean?

  9. Jacqueline Solomon says:

    Having difficulty going on website. I’m trying to obtain police report for incidence that happened on 2/15/2015 CC# 15-110507. Thank you

  10. I am trying to get a accidents report and am having a hard to getting it. Can some one help me out it took place aon April 4th

  11. Kunnappallil Rajagopal says:

    I need a Police report on 15189606
    unable to retrieve form the website

  12. Yvette says:

    Is this website under construcition? Very misleading.

  13. Yvette says:

    CC# 15-232518
    Crash date: 4/21/15. I need police report to submit to Insurance Company. Can someone please help.
    Thank you.

  14. Christian says:

    Thanks for the info. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a FOIL Request form, I found a blank form here:

  15. Donna says:

    I am trying to get the police report on and can not find Foil-Request Report icon. What do I need to do?

  16. I asked for info regarding a foil and received a response that makes no sense .

  17. shirley says:

    the officer told me go this page nd get police report he is a joke I cant find shiit

  18. Trying to get my accident report but to no avail, please advice

  19. bryan smith says:

    I clicked on and it says location or site not found. I clicked on this at the top of this page. I am looking into a case for me many years ago.

  20. Mrs Russell says:

    They say my son killed his self not true they put it on the news and in several news papers but yet haven’t even called or contacted me about his death no report it’s been 4 months already


    If you don’t want to be bothered given people their reports then say so. Don’t make them waste time on this bullshit website. It’s a disgrace that hardworking taxpayers can’t get a service they r paying yr after yr.

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