We’re getting noticed

There’s a brief on Newsday.com (how appropriate) about our blog and Facebook page.

Workplace guru Patricia Kitchen calls our efforts a “new way to connect with members.”

New blog on the block

As a hip, new way to connect with members, as well as ease them into new online applications, the Press Club of Long Island has created a Facebook page for members, along with a new blog — the PCLI Reporter, found at pressclubofli.blogspot.com.

Launched in August, the blog has provided posts on local job opportunities, news on events such as the official opening of the School of Journalism at Stony Brook University, as well as comings and goings right here at Newsday.

The goals: “getting younger members involved by speaking their language” and encouraging more seasoned members to learn to “speak their language,” says Carl Corry, executive producer of News 12 interactive, as well as the blog’s prime poster. He says he’s hoping in time to get more board members onto the blogging bandwagon.

Such online applications are great ways to “engage your members and get with the times,” says Corry, past president of the club.

In many ways, he’s the perfect person to launch such an endeavor — it took him all of 30 minutes to set it up. Besides the online nature of his job, both he and his wife have personal blogs, as does his 2-year-old daughter, Charlotte. OK, if truth be told, Corry admits to setting the site up for her the day she was born.

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